After a 1-1 start in the first two games of their four game road swing, the Kindersley Klippers started the back half of their road swing Friday night with a rematch against the team they beat in the shootout on Tuesday, the Yorkton Terriers. After a crazy back and forth start to the game, special teams in the second period would fall apart and the Klippers would ultimately lose 2-1 in regulation.

The first period started off back and forth like none other. The Terriers would pull ahead in shots for a bit, the Klippers would rally back and get a few of their own, and Matt Pesenti in his second straight start would go to war against Terriers goaltender Bradley Mistol who was only in his second SJHL start, the first coming against the Klippers a few short weeks ago.

Part of the back and forth action came from a total of 5:31 of 4-on-4 time because of penaltys, and with the wide open ice both teams got a chance to showcase their speed and offensive ability starting in just the first two minutes of the game.

Jaxon Georget had two great chances during the period, both on the rush with the first being a shot attempt through a defender's legs that was tipped along the way but was still blocked by Mistol's blocker, and the other being a more clear look at the net on the rush where Georget was stopped by the glove.

In the final minute of the period, the Terriers put on three shots quickly from the side of the net in a bit of a scramble, but Pesenti kept his pad to the post until he could finally cover it up.

After 1: Klippers 0 - 0 Terriers, shots 12-7 Terriers

The second period started off nearly identical to the first period, two quick penalties from either team resulting in another 4-on-4 opportunity. Shortly after that ended, Tanner Sklaruk collided with Carson Baylis in the neutral ice area and the Klippers got a huge chance to get things started with a full four minute powerplay thanks to the kneeing call.

On that man advantage, the Klippers didn't necessarily look bad, but they didn't take advantage of the opportunity either. Through the four minutes, they did have some sustained pressure on the cycle and the puck did find its way to the side of the net for a bit of a scramble, but only two shots would register on the scoreboard by the end of the powerplay.

The next four minutes of play felt like a feeling out process until the Klippers were given another powerplay opportunity, technically their fifth of the game but only their third full two minutes, but this went horribly. Somewhere along the line the Terriers gained the confidence to attack and attack hard on the penalty kill and outchanced the Klippers 3-0 on the man advantage.

Once the penalty ended, it was all Terriers. 15 minutes into the period they finally broke the ice when the Klippers were hemmed in their zone and the puck got worked up the right side wall. Three Terriers, Logan Cyca, JD Hall, and finally Clay Sleeva, all came in on the forecheck to win the puck free before Sleeva snuck free and beat Pesenti's blocker with a wrist shot.

Two minutes later, the Terriers increased their lead when they won an offensive zone faceoff to the wall, and Nolan Wutzke passed across the ice for defenceman Parker Jasper. His shot was tipped along by Eric Boers, and Tyson Janzen cutting towards the net potted the rebound.

After 2: Klippers 0 - 2 Terriers, shots 17-7 Terriers in the period, 29-14 Terriers in the game

The third period started somewhat similar to how the second period ended. The Klippers were hemmed in their zone for quite some time to start the period while the Terriers continued to poor on the pressure. Pesenti was left in the full splits, sprawled on his stomach, or on his back trying to locate and cover up the puck, and still the game stayed a two goal deficit.

The one thing that has been reliable for the Klippers has been the penalty kill, and that would be what started a bit of a comeback effort. With Max Kathol in the box for unsportsmanlike conduct, the Klippers countered with an aggressive shorthanded forecheck of their own. Cash Arntsen pressed into the corner hard with a combined body and poke check that freed the puck up for Aiden Bangs, and he swung it into the middle where Josh Pufahl was waiting to snap home a hard wrist shot past Mistol with under nine minutes left.

The momentum swing would have to wait though as seconds after the play, Mark Snarr would get called on interfernce when he lift a Terriers stick hard enough it nearly hit the rafters, and there would be a small 5-on-3 to kill. Once the two penalties were killed, and the Klippers started to find their fight once again.

Late in the game, the Klippers would pull Pesenti from his crease and the Terriers would even give up a powerplay in the final eight seconds. With a 6-on-4, the Klippers couldn't win the draw, and the game would end.

FINAL: Klippers 1 - 2 Terriers, shots 8-6 Terriers in the period, 37-20 Terriers in the game