Rosetown Business Garage Sale

A day to shop until you drop or to see new and familiar faces in town. The 29th annual Rosetown Garage Sale is happening this Thursday at the Saskcan Centre.


Co-organizer of the event Shannon Kidd explains what the benefits of having the Business Garage Sale are.


" its just having every service underneath one roof, we have the farmers market, we have business', homemade business', charitable groups, its being able to come to one facility and experience a bunch of things in just one day "


Kidd says what's different about this years' event is a whole bunch of new businesses getting involved followed by plenty of new faces.

Cake will be served at 7:00 pm, where you will recieve a ticket in hopes to win a 100 dollar cash prize. However, in order to win you must be present at the time of the draw.

The 29th annual Rosetown Garage Sale begins at 9:00 am and will be shut down at 8:00 pm.

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