Russell Farm 2Century Family Farm Award Many family farms are passed down through generations. The Information Services Corporation (ISC), recognizes families who have kept and maintained the same farm land for over 100 years. Over 180 families received the Century Family Farm Award, one of which being the Russel Farm. The farm, which is now called Jadoway Farms Inc., is located in the Rosetown area.

Lexie Adamson (Russell) is one of the current operators of the farm, along with her brother, Lance, and parents, Don and Marian.

Lexie talked about the rich history the family has on that plot of land, "My great grandpa, James Russel, came over from Scotland in 1909. It took him until 1917 to purchase his first quarter of land."

 "Him and his wife, Margaret, they had four kids. The oldest was my Grandpa, who again was James Russel. My grandpa had three brother, Jack, Frank and Ken. My Great-Uncle Jack and my Grandpa James both went to neighboring farms and started their own farms with their wives and children. Uncle Ken stayed on the main yard with Great-Grandpa. The fourth brother, Uncle Frank, went off to World War II and didn't come home."

The farm started out as just the quarter of land, with both livestock and grain operations. Now the farm is strictly just grain.

Russell's have expanded their operations through the years. Lexie said the farm has seen a lot of development, both technologically and in size, "The Russell family has always been interested in new technology and farming methods. We've just continued to with that tradition to grow to the size we are at now."

Lexie mentioned that the Russell families' history is tied to the land, "There's quite a few Russell families in the area. We all farm right beside each other so there is a lot of history out here."

Russell Farm 1

"It was a beautiful presentation." Lexie said while talking about receiving the award, "They had certificates for all of us, and a copy of the land title, the original land title. It's incredible to see the history. We're very lucky because we have lots of documents saved over the years."

Don Russell was the one who originally applied for the Century Family Farm Award. Lexie said that he wanted to make sure the family got recognized for Great-Grandpa Russell's hard work. "I think the best part is knowing that it stayed in the family. There's a lot of pride it's still in the family."


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