A routine sampling process for PED Virus resulted in a positive environmental test last week in the Province.

PED (or Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea) can result in a high death loss in nursing pigs and has caused the death of thousands of pigs in Canada and the U-S.

Saskatchewan’s Disease Surveillance Veterinarian Dr. Wendy Wilkins notes the environmental test is not taken from live animals but the environment the animals were in.

“In this case, it was a positive environmental sample from a transport trailer. So, they would have gone in with a swab after the animals had left and swabbed it, and then tested that swab for PED. At the same token at the Truck Wash, material from the truck was washed into the wash bay. Then the wash bay was tested with the same manner, swabbed and tested by PCR and that came back positive as well.”

She says it shows PED Virus is moving on these transport vehicles and shows the importance of the protocols we have in place in Saskatchewan to keep it out.

“Manitoba has been dealing with it a smaller outbreak this year. I think their last count was 10 new herds had broke with P-E-D this year versus about 80 at this time last year. So, they’re doing better this year. What they learned last year has certainly helped them keep it under control this year.   Then further east as well, it’s present in Ontario and Quebec as well, and then south the United States there’s quite a bit of it there.”

Dr. Wilkins says finding the positive Environmental P-E-D results show the importance and effectiveness of the Province’s P-E-D Surveillance program and protocols.

“I think that our Provincial swine producers are doing an excellent job with bio-security. We haven’t had PED confirmed in live animals since the outbreak started in North America about four years ago. That doesn’t mean we can let our guard down. All producers should stay on top of their game and maintain their bio-security all the time.”

Information on swine health is available on the SaskPork website at https://www.saskpork.com/swine-health/.

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