Starting today, Saskatchewan now has new standardized mandatory training requirements for a Class 1 commercial licence to drive semi trucks.

The standards for new drivers include a minimum of 121.5 hours of training and a 12-month safety monitoring program for all new semi drivers while existing Class 1 drivers will be grandfathered in.

The Minister for SGI Joe Hargrave says consultations continue with the agriculture industry on training requirements.

“We did extensive consultation with the commercial truck driving industry and we’ve come up with this program 121 and half hours for them. We’re doing extensive consultation with the agricultural industry; it’s a 13 million dollar industry in Saskatchewan. “

He says they want to make sure they get it right.

“Farmers don’t drive seven days a week with their semi’s their distances are normally far less and the amount of time that they use a semi is far less.  So, we wanted to consult with them and see where their feelings were so that we can come up with the right program for agricultural producers.”

Hargrave cautions drivers who may be hauling livestock or grain outside our borders.

“Our Class 3F which would be what the farmers use will not be recognized in Manitoba or Alberta. So, farmers or anybody traveling outside of Saskatchewan will have to have the full training program.”

Until a decision is made for the ag sector anyone wishing to drive a semi used in farming operations will need an “F” endorsement and will be restricted to operating within Saskatchewan’s borders.

The “F” endorsement will not be required if they already have a Class 1 licence or have taken the mandatory training.

He notes the “F” endorsement will not be required if they already have a Class 1 licence or have taken the mandatory training.

Information on SGI’s new Mandatory Class 1 driver training is available here.         

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