Farmers and ranchers had an opportunity to take part in a webinar this week to learn more about corn coverage under the 2019 Saskatchewan Forage Rainfall Insurance Program.

Kim McLean says there’s a growing interest in Corn production across the Province.

This year producers have the option of choosing the new Corn Rainfall Program for 2019 or the Corn Heat Unit program.

“We have coverage from $100 to $300 an acre. Last year, we saw an increase in participation (in the Corn Heat Unit program) of 68% and it’s likely due to the fact that it opened from 16 stations to 131 last year.”

She notes one interesting stat is that we had corn grown in every RM in the Province last year with the Corn Heat Unit program paying out $80 thousand dollars in indemnities.

Under the programs, producers pick their weather station and their coverage level choosing $100, $150, $200 or $ 300-acre coverage.

Also new in 2019, corn acres that fail to establish will automatically be insured at $90 per acre, subject to an adjustment for those enrolled in the C-R-P (Corn Rainfall Program) or C-H-U (Corn Heat Unit Program).

Just a reminder to producers that March 31st is the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance deadline to renew, enroll, cancel or make any changes to their Crop Insurance program.

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