Thursday afternoon was the perfect opportunity for students at Kindersley Composite School to shine. The school hosted their KCS Awards Ceremony to recognize those students whom have excelled in various fields throughout the school year.

The ceremonies started at 1:45 PM, and recipients were asked to arrive in semi-formal attire.

Students, family members, staff, and other members of the community were present for the awards show. After the recipients were recognized and received their awards, photos were taken to capture their moment of excellency.

A perfect way to celebrate the skills and talents of Kindersley's high school students as the end of the 2015-2016 draws nearer, and grade 12 students prepare for graduation and the next steps of their lives.

Below the photos is the full list of award winners from this year's awards ceremony.


The 2015-2016 Governor General Award recipient: Megan Fries.

Photo courtesy of KCS Yearbook Committee.


The Gloria-Clarke Hayden Award is awarded for school and community involvement, and ambassadorship.

This year's 2016 recipients are John Enns-Wind and Ashlyn Torrens. Photo courtesy of KCS Yearbook Committee.



Kobra Athletes of the Year: (From left to right): Kent Hanna, Kelly Cooke, Sheldon Cannon, Brittany Allen, Joel McGrath.

Photo courtesy of KCS Yearbook Committee.


Kobras Awards Winners for 2015-2016:


Jr. Girls Team– Kimberley Froese

  •   MVP - Brittany Allen
  •   Most Improved - Kaylea Resch
  •   Most Sportsmanlike- Katherine Brewer & Ashlyn Torrens

Sr. Girls ‘A’ Team- Amanda Fast & Jenn Peardon

  •  MVP- Kendra Kirtzinger
  •  Most Improved- Kelly Cooke
  •  Most Dedicated- Stephanie Cupples

Sr. Girls ‘B’ Team – Dena Delday & Sarah Couch

  •   MVP – Madison Olson
  •   Most Improved- Jessica Knutson

Sr. Boys Team- Lindsay Johnson

  • MVP- Colton Leismeister
  • Most Improved- Jan Aranillo


Jr. Girls Team – Jackie Wagner, Eugene Bucko, Taylor Retterath, Stephanie Cupples, Kristin Kosolofski

  • MVP- Brittany Allen
  • Most Dedicated – Caitlin Elliott
  • Most Improved – Emily Polsfut
  • Pride, Hustle, Desire- Ashlyn Torrens

Jr. Boys – Angy Johnson, Tavis Lehman, Dagen Armstrong

  • Top Guard/Scorer- Myles Pokolm
  • Top Forward/Rebounder- Jan Aranillo
  • Most Improved- Matthew Janowski
  • Heart & Hustle- Tyler Heck

Sr. Girls – Josh Parry

  • Most Dedicated- Dakota Retterath
  • Most Improved- Tessa Sautner
  • MVP- Shayla Olafson

Sr. Boys – Jason Hankewich

  • Most Valuable Player - Dagen Armstrong
  • Rookie of the Year Award – Jakob Swalm
  • Adam Hammel Memorial Award Most Improved Player- Ryan Olivier

Football – Tavis Lehman, Blain Hilbig

  • Most Valuable Player – Mark Hebert
  • Most Improved Player- Dallas McGrath
  • Jr Member – Matthew Kovlaske

Curling – Colleen Oscar-Swan

Juniors: MVP - Ashlyn Torrens

  • Most Improved- Brittany Allen
  • Most Dedicated- Caitlin Elliott     

Seniors: MVP- Travis Smith & Blair Gilmour

  • Most Improved- Sheldon Cannon
  • Most Dedicated- Sean Cey

Cross Country – Kelsey Connor & Adina Coles

  • Junior- Katherine Sawatzky
  • Senior- Matthew Dobbin

Track and Field – Jill Martin-Ament, Kelsey Connor, Adina Coles, Maureen Dobbin

  • Jr- Andrew Hawes
  • Midget- Tyler Heck
  • Sr- Matthew Dobbin

Jr. Badminton- Lindsay Johnson, Eugene Bucko, Cody Smith

  •  MVP- Coady Bailey & Joel McGrath
  •  Most Dedicated- Vincent Salvador & Connor Dionne

Sr. Badmintion- Cody Smith, Eugene Bucko, Lindsay Johnson

  • MVP – Colton Leismeister & Kelly Cooke
  • Most Improved- Dylan Francis
  • Most Dedicated- Luke Tremblay

Golf – Dave Luukkonen

  • Senior- Jarret Reichert
  • Junior- Kyler Cote

Kobra Athlete of the Year- Angy Johnson                    

  • Female Junior – Brittany Allen
  • Female Senior- Kelly Cooke
  • Male Junior- Joel McGrath
  • Male Senior- Kent Hanna & Sheldon Cannon

SLC Award of Merit: Shaye Bauml

  • Shayla Olafson
  • Jillian McArthur

Drama- Dave Luukkonen

  • Outstanding Member- Michelle Wooldridge]

Yearbook – Tami Reichert, Annette Enns-Wind, Lisa Herman, Lisa Padberg

  • Most Dedicated Member- Rebecca McLean
  • Most Creative Member- Emily Leismeister

KCS Band Awards – Colleen Oscar-Swan

  • Grade 9 – Caitlin Elliott
  • Grade 10 – Nicole Hebert
  • Grade 11 – Desiree Thompson
  • Grade 12 – Mark Hebert

KCS Visual Art Award:

  • Jackie Wagner
  • Emily Leismeister

Governor General Award 2015 – Blain Hilbig

  • Megan Fries

Spirit of KCS Awards – Deavin Vanthuyne

  • Grade 9   - Briana McBride
  • Grade 10 - Jillian McArthur
  • Grade 11 - Madison Olson
  • Grade 12  - Carmela Sacramento

Gloria Clark-Hayden Awards- Tami Reichert

  • Jr – Ashlyn Torrens
  • Sr - John Enns-Wind

Susan Thibert Awards – Erin Pincemin

  • Jr.-   Shayla Olafson
  • Sr. – Sheldon Cannon

School & Community Council Academic Achievement Awards- Cheryl Glass

            (90% and over in their top 8 classes)

Grade 10 - Jessie Hubenig, Keely Klein, Kelsey Klein, Shayla Olafson, Tessa Sautner,

Emily Sproule, Erica Triffo

Grade 11- John Enns-Wind, Brooke Fries, Mallory Fries, Shalyn Kennedy, Julie Livingstone,

Madison Olson, Luke Tremblay, Tabitha Wiebe, Chelsey Zacharias

Grade 12- Sheldon Cannon, Heath Dionne, Regan Galbraith, Kolby Johnson, Brenna Triffo,

                        Payton Walde