It was a very special evening at the Kindersley Inn on December 2. A presentation took place to honour 40 people in the West Central region in such areas as philanthropy, volunteering, and education. They were presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal (Saskatchewan), for all of their hard work.

Kindersley MLA Ken Francis was in attendance to present the medals to people who were able to make it. 

Here is the list of winners.

The recipients listed in alphabetical order are:

Gary Becker, Kindersley - Philanthropy

Candace Besharah, Kindersley - Education

Dave Burke, Melfort - Volunteer Service

Henry Butt, Mantario - Volunteer Service

Bev Callsen, Kindersley - Sports

Ian Coutts, Kindersley - Agriculture

Maxine Donaldson, Kindersley - Public Service

Marley Ervine, Kindersley - Sports

Kim Gartner, Macklin - Public Service

Tom Geiger, Kindersley - Health Care

Catherine Higginbotham, Eatonia - Business/Commerce

Kinley Hildebrandt, Kindersley - Health Care

Ron Hope, Kindersley - Volunteer Service

Betty King, Eatonia - Education

Joanne Kosolofski, Kindersley - Volunteer Service

Candice Kraft, Luseland - Education

The medal honouring Ernie Krepps was posthumously accepted by Ellen Krepps, Kindersley - Military

Christine Lang, Tramping Lake - Public Service

Kim Leonard, Kindersley - Sports

Garth MacDonald, Kindersley - Agriculture

Richard MacDougall, Kindersley - Health Care

Roger McKenzie, Kindersley - Philanthropy

The medal honouring Steve Mealey was posthumously accepted by Colleen Oscar-Swan and Chris Oscar, Kindersley - Arts

Carol Mitchell, Kindersley - Health Care

Wayne Mock, Kerrobert - Public Service

Monique Neigum, Kindersley - Business/Commerce

Norman Neigum, Kindersley (was unable to attend) was accepted by his daughter Colby and son Shayne - Philanthropy

Leslie Omness, Kindersley - Volunteer Service

Rod Perkins, Kindersley - Public Service

Erin Pincemin, Kindersley - Education

Angela Rioux, Saskatoon - Arts

Isabelle Ryde, Eston - Politics

Myrtle Somerville, Kindersley - Volunteer Service

Lionel Story, Netherhill - Public Service

Rita Syrota, Kindersley - Public Service

Nancy Vanthuyne, Kindersley - Service to Seniors

Bill Warrington, Loverna - Volunteer Service

Darwin Whitfield, Coleville - Public Services

Kate Winquist, Kindersley - Business/Commerce