A significant announcement came in for the Town of Eston on Monday morning.

$5000 is going towards the Eston Recreation Committee to improve the local ball diamond, courtesy of ADAMA Canada, and an assist from Emerge Ag Solutions in Eston.

After the cheque was initially presented earlier in August, the full release came in stating the news of ADAMA's intent to assist Eston financially through the 'All In On Your Stomping Grounds' initiative that helps fund community projects across the country.

The $5000 will be set aside to assist the long-awaited project of installing an irrigation system on the ball diamond. 

Garrett Turner, Recreation Director for the Town of Eston, was included in the release saying, "for decades there has been no means to water the diamond, which has made upkeep challenging given the hot and dry climate in west-central Saskatchewan."

"This year there are 14 minor baseball teams using the field, which is more than the community has seen in years. The ball diamond wasn’t equipped for this much use, so it’s resulted in teams having to play games out of town." stated the release.

The Eston funding represents one of 19 initiatives supported by the ADAMA program. It's shared the program donated up to $10,000 to each recipient and a total of $120,000 after receiving 60 applicants.

“We’re very grateful for the donation and know this will help give our teams a home field advantage at a much greener ball diamond,” said Turner. “Installing a new irrigation system will be a necessary first step in making the ball diamond functional for the growing baseball community we’ve developed over the years. The kids deserve a diamond they can play in safely and this will help make that happen.”

“We understand the pride of being from a small town and we could tell how important it was for ADAMA to support the Eston Recreation Committee on this project,” said Cornie Thiessen, General Manager for ADAMA Canada

“Initiatives that build community are the reason we wanted to create All In On Your Stomping Grounds, and we’re looking forward to using the fund to continue to help improve communities all over Canada.”

WestCentralOnline actually spoke with Turner prior to this news, and you can read more from our conversation below as it's set to be a busy fall and winter in the west-central Saskatchewan community.

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