Article written by Paul Figueiredo

Following up on a story Swift Current Online reported on in September, representatives from a number of Rural Municipalities have reached out to express their support for healthcare workers in the province and specifically of Dr. Kevin Wasko, who at that point had found himself the subject of a heated exchange on social media between himself and the Reeve of a local R.M.

In response to that story, the councils of the villages of Frontier and Climax, the R.M. of Lone Tree and two groups referring to themselves as Concerned Citizens of the R.M.s of White Valley and Frontier, sent a letter to Swift Current Online expressing their gratitude to the Saskatchewan Health Authority, healthcare workers, and Dr. Kevin Wasko.

The full text of the letter is available below:

"In light of the recent comments made by the reeve of a southwest municipality, we would like to make the following statement. We are extremely grateful to all health care workers in our province who have worked tirelessly under very stressful conditions to care for us during the Covid-19 pandemic. We recognize that this has been a difficult time to do their jobs. Specifically, we would like to recognize Dr. Kevin Wasko for his guidance and knowledge as we navigate this confusing time.

Furthermore, we would like to extend our gratitude to the Saskatchewan Health Authority for the approval of the Border Health Centre as a primary care facility; this, along with the recent upgrades and renovations has revitalized this important facility. Your continued support of the Border Health Centre and the Frontier & District Ambulance Service are much appreciated and will ensure quality healthcare to our communities for years to come."

Sincerely, the councils of;

Village of Frontier

Village of Climax

R.M. Of Lonetree #18

Concerned citizens of the R.M. of White Valley #49

Concerned citizens of the R.M. of Frontier #19