The recent rainfall is helping to improve topsoil moisture and pasture conditions, while also delaying seeding on the eastern half of the province. 

Saskatchewan's Weekly Crop Report shows provincially 33 per cent of the crop is in, which is well behind the 74 percent seeded at this time last year.

Crops Extension Specialist Matt Struthers says farmers that have been able to get in the field are making good progress.

"The southwest is in the lead, it has 60 per cent of their crop now in the ground. That's followed by the west central with 53 per cent, 35 per cent in the northwest, 17 per cent in the southeast, 13 per cent in the east central and eight per cent in the northeast."

Provincially, 59 per cent of lentils, 57 per cent of field peas, 51 per cent of durum, 29 per cent of spring wheat and 27 per cent of barley have been seeded to date. 

Struthers says some of the early seeded crops are starting to sprout in the southwest and west central regions.

He notes topsoil moisture conditions continue to improve for the province. 

"Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as 12 per cent surplus, 56 per cent adequate, 20 per cent short and 12 per cent very short. Hay and pastureland topsoil moisture is rated as four per cent surplus, 56 per cent adequate, 24 per cent short and 16 per cent very short."

Struthers says pastures that have received moisture are beginning to see good recovery from the drought with the carrying capacity for cattle increasing.