By all accounts, this year's Ag in Motion event was a smashing success. There were more and bigger exhibitions than last year. The exhibitions were of a higher quality than last year's event. The event's energy was palpable and contagious.

Rob O'Connor, the show director, talked with West Central Online about some of the things that made this year's event so successful. Rob mentioned the fact that their were 112 more exhibitors this year, and they all did a better job displaying and showing off all their products. The plots themselves were phenemonal. The trade show portion was 50% bigger than last year. The demonstrations were double in size, and done more proffessionally than last year. Overall, producers were extremely happy with the show and the overall event.

Rob also mentioned that with the expansive, fast, ahead-of-pace growth, there were new challenges that they are looking into rectifying for next year's event. One of the challenges was transporting people around the show, as it was so massive this year, people had to walk miles just to get from one side of the event to the other, which some people complained of getting a little tired. Rob stated they'd be looking into how to transport people around the event, whether it be from the parking lot to the east or north ends of the show or otherwise.

Early attendance figures showed over 16,000 people went through the gates at the 3 day event. Although numbers were not confirmed, and once final official tally's are done, that number could be even higher.

All in all, the event went over very well with producers and companies alike.

For the full audio interview with Rob O'Connor, click below!