As the July heat wave continues on, the majority of west-central Saskatchewan is looking at a high of about 35 degrees on Thursday. 

Humidity will be a large factor today, Environment and Climate Change Canada stating that "humidex values will be around 35 degrees in the afternoon, and that "the overnight and morning hours will see the relative humidity approach 100 per cent".

When a trip out the door at 7:00 AM feels like an average summer day, that's a pretty good sign of what's to come.

Screenshot 2024-07-11 072817.png The temperature at 7:00 AM Thursday in Kindersley was already 23 degrees (screengrab via for Kindersley)

Joining Kindersley, weather stations in Rosetown, Outlook, Scott, and Leader are all currently under heat warnings as well. As a result of the hot week, those west-central Saskatchewan locations have been flirting with, and in some cases passing record high temperatures.

Leader clocked a high of 35.3 degrees on Wednesday, breaking the 2015 record of 34.8 degrees. Kindersley got to a max of 32 degrees on Wednesday, falling shy of the July 10, 1998 record of 33.7. The rest of the list remained relatively cool compared to their all-time marks.

Fast forward one day, and historic highs could be in the cards for Thursday. If the forecast rings true and brings +35 heat, each one of the local EC weather stations could set a new July 11 record (current record and year below). 


  • 31.7°C (2002)


  • 31.8°C (2002)


  • 33.3°C (1964)


  • 35.6°C (1957)


  • 33.5°C (2015)

Keep an eye out today; you could be part of some sweltering history. Check out five-day forecast HERE.