If you have chosen to adopt a cat from KC Rescue in Unity, thank you. They have 14 cats ready for adoption, and 16 more on the waiting list. They have seen an influx of animals since the pandemic ended. 

If you haven't made that decision yet, don't rush into it. Although a companion animal can bring joy into your life (and the cat's life), it's a decision you should only make after analyzing your home and your lifestyle. 

  • are allergies a concern?
  • how long will it be alone per day?
  • do I want a playful pet, or cuddle on the couch cat?
  • how much time, money, energy do I have for this?
  • does my building allow pets?

Once you've made the decision to adopt, then make your way to a KC Rescue Open House. They will be ready for you on Wednesday evenings 4:30 - 7pm including January 11th, 18th, and 25th.

They will also be hosting an Open House on the afternoon of Saturday January 21st. 1-4pm.

Claudette Theriault is the head Vet and president of KC Rescue. "We have 4 directors and 26 volunteers who we rely on to make it all happen."

She said that all the cats that come in are tested for diseases, spayed, vaccinated, tattooed and microchipped. They get a booster shot after three weeks. "If you want to adopt the pet before then, we give people the option of coming back to finish the vaccination process or they can go to their regular Vet. The adoption fee is $130 and it includes all of that."

Call 306-228-2132 for more information. Text is unavailable.