Young farmers looking to make a difference in agriculture policy and get a helping hand will be able to apply for a program starting soon.

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan is starting their Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program, available for farmers between 18 and 40.

The program links mentees and mentors, and also runs through some of the ways agriculture policy is made both provincially and federally.

APAS president Ian Boxall says the program is great to get people introduced to how farm policy is made.

In fact, he was one of the mentees that joined the program before he was a part of APAS.

"I heard of APAS just shortly before I applied to the program and I was amazed by the work that the organization did on behalf of all producers, and I knew right at that moment from the start of that program that I needed to be involved. The work that's done, it's important for the betterment of all Saskatchewan producers."

The program includes more than just mentorship, as mentees are taken to events that shape agriculture policy.

That can include local issues such as in RMs, and they even take a look at those on the national stage.

"What we want to show these mentees is how right from the grassroots level or the farm stage or the RM level how policy can be developed there, brought to our AGM in late November, early December. Resolutions are passed there, that'll develop the policy and then also we take them to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture AGM in Ottawa in February and show them how policy is developed at the national level."

The program doesn't just benefit those being mentored - those young farmers are encourageed to share their ideas and concerns, which can help shape the presponse of organizations like APAS.

"In the same token, the organization learns just as much from these young people as we give to them. Having a different perspective, and young producers face different issues than developed and seasoned producers face. There's a sharing of knowledge both ways that has been a huge benefit for the organization."

More information to apply for the program can be found on APAS's website.