The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan's Next Policy Framework Taskforce has sent a list of recommendations to the Federal and Provincial Governments focusing on potential improvements for the next round of agricultural policy programs.

Chair Bill Prybylski says we live in a time of instability, and we think governments need to recognize the need for future improvements to help secure the future of agriculture and food production.

"As the new policy framework is coming into effect in April of 2023, we have an opportunity to make some recommendations to both levels of government. And to make some changes to the existing policy framework that would hopefully make the programs more suitable for what farmers are needing, to cover some of their risks."

The NPF Taskforce coming up with a list of 19 recommendations including enhancing AgriInvest to make the program more flexible and make AgriRecovery a more comprehensive disaster response program.

Prybylski says another recommendation includes restoring AgriStability coverage through performance and participation incentives

"Producers who are enrolled in the program for four consecutive years would be able to increase their compensation level from the program if they trigger a payment, just as kind of a reward for them sticking in the program. And then also, if producers are in the program and not in a claim position, that they would be rewarded for that by an increase in their coverage levels.

They also want to see Crop Insurance premiums considered an expense.

A complete list of the Taskforce recommendations can be found here.