For the second March in a row, Athlete's Haven out of Rosetown will be holding an online auction geared towards getting accessible wheels for a local family in need.

Last year the local business helped support "Wheels for Scarlett", and now a similar opportunity is available as Nathan Falk (who we wrote about last month) is also in need of a special van:

The above Facebook page 'Help the Falk Family get an accessible van' was created in hopes of spreading awareness around young Nathan. When we first learned about the story, we checked in with Educational Assistant at Walter Aseltine School Tara Leith who started the GoFundMe that sits at just under $6000 with a target goal of $35,000.

At the time of this writing the most recent donation was $500 from the nearby Elrose Lions Club, as small towns know a thing or two about raising money.

Athlete's Haven is hoping to be a main contributor once again after last year's tremendous success. Jenna Moore with the store knows first-hand just know much their online auction helped out.

It was something more personal last time with Moore's husband being directly related to the Adnam family. Scarlett's father Steven Adnam was honoured to have Athlete's Haven jump on board for his family and wanted to do the same thing for a similar cause here now roughly a whole year later.

"(Steven) decided that he would love to pay it forward based on the community response we had last year with 'Wheels for Scarlett'," shared Moore, "He wanted to initiate doing the same thing now for Nathan."

Athlete's Haven will be raising money for the GoFundMe through another Facebook auction featuring tons of local products and services. It was lots of fun last year to see businesses and people from all around Rosetown and area get involved.

Moore shared what they are looking for when it comes to potential auction items.

"I would say it's whatever people want to be creative with. Whether it is an item, a gift certificate, a service; we definitely welcome anything and everything."

The deadline to submit items is in about one week as they hope to have everything collected by March 16th, and then things will be organized for the auction to begin on Monday, March 20th and run until Saturday, March 25th.

"Last time we were very fortunate to have community individuals, businesses, and different organizations donate items. It would be great to see a mix of items across the board again."

Outside of supporting a good cause, all that people need to know about the upcoming auction is that the items will be posted on Facebook beforehand so shoppers can get an idea of what they might be bidding on between March 20-25th. The auction is being run over Facebook.

"Once again of course it's just going to a great family, and we are supporting a lovely cause, so if everyone could get out and bid that would be great!"

You can donate to the GoFundMe through the link below: