Track and Field has dominated the school sports headlines recently. Many students from West Central competed in the various rounds of competition, and were rewarded with a medal for their efforts.

More on those results from this year are available below, but before that is a write up from West Central Athletics District President Lance Morrison about how student athletes in Dinsmore raised a banner back on June 8th:

'The Senior Curling team consists of Ryan Kako, Tristen Flath, Spencer Flath, and Abigail Friesen, along with their coach Mrs. Flath.  

The team started their season playing at the Outlook Curling club adult league. Unfortunately, their ice plant went down, their ice melted, stopping the season for over a month. This left little opportunity for the team to play games or even practice. But the team persevered and continued their season. They did not have any competitive games in the month leading up to the West Central District Championships in Kyle where they played a best of 3 against the only other Mixed team in West Central District, the Mixed team from Loreburn. DCS defeated Loreburn in the first game but lost game 2, setting up a nail-biting 3rd game. The team did not let losing get them down as they came back to win the 3rd game and the West Central District Championship, qualifying for the SHSAA (Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association) Regional championships in Saskatoon the next weekend.  

The team then went on to the Regional Championships in Saskatoon. DCS defeated Saskatoon Holy Cross 12-3 then lost in an extra end to Maidstone 9-8. Regionals is a double-knockout, meaning if they lost another game they would be out and come home. The team kept their composure as well as their positive attitude defeating Loreburn 8-3, Saskatoon Bishop Mahoney 6-4 setting up their final game against Maidstone, the team that defeated them earlier. DCS kept the belief they had in themselves and defeated Maidstone 6-4 sending the team to the Provincial Championships the very next weekend in Swift Current.  

Mother Nature took over the week of the Provincial Championship. Blizzard conditions and icy roads pushed the tournament schedule back to allow teams to travel safely and changed each game from 8 ends to 6 end games in order to get all the games in. The team kept smiles on their faces and kept a positive attitude as various elements attempted to sabotage the experience of the provincial championship competition. They just kept playing the game with the same attitude they had throughout the season. The team came so close to making the playoffs. We are extremely proud of these young people and their coach Mrs. Flath on their season. You have set an example for everyone in our school to aspire to in the coming years as this banner will hang in the gym as a reminder to everyone of your commitment to sportsmanship in sport.'

Curling banner DinsmoreAbigail Friesen (lead), Spencer Flath (2nd), Tristen Flath (3rd), Ryan Kako (Skip)