Two more SLGA retail properties have sold. 

According to a release this morning, SLGA has accepted offers for the properties located in the communities of Biggar and Watrous. The total purchase price for both buildings is $800,000.

The buildings that housed SLGA Retail Inc. liquor stores have been on the market, and continue to be sold as SLGA previously accepted offers on properties located in the communities of Esterhazy, La Ronge, Buffalo Narrows, Creighton, Carlyle, Humboldt and Moosomin.

The nine properties that have been sold amount to $2,885,000, as those sales pour in after retail liquor store permits associated with SLGA Retail Inc. were sold through a public auction in February 2023.

The release states SLGA Retail Inc. owned 19 of its 34 store properties, that five of the buildings will be repurposed for other government organizations, and shared the link as buildings currently for sale are listed on