A situation in Perdue jumped off the page looking at the latest Biggar RCMP report. 

"A Perdue home owner was surprised after driving by their older property and seeing their personal items and furniture being tossed out on the lawn from their home." stated the police report.

Police discovered that the debris had to do with a break-and-enter, with a fraud element, as this individual became wrapped up in a situation where a third party from Saskatoon "fraudulently" rented the place out and began rummaging. 

"Thankfully under the watchful eye of neighbours, this was discovered in-time before too much damage had occurred." shared Sgt. Dereck Crozier with the Biggar RCMP in Monday's update.

A few calls during the week revolved around mediating disputes. In one case at a local group home, attendance was required to settle a dispute between two residents involving scissors. An evening call led members to a senior’s complex where they couldn't wait to discuss a shopping trip.

Finally, another roommates report to 911 led officers to witness an argument between two upset individuals, requesting a rather inappropriate deed. 

The report also included a few animal calls. Unfortunately they received reports of an injured dog on Highway 4 north, and an injured cat in the hospital parking lot.

Local members also dealt with the report of shoplifting from a business in town, fraud calls being received by telephone and mail, and a situation where a 49-year-old male was threatening others and acting like a school yard bully.

Traffic incidents this week included a collision with a deer on Highway 14 east, a vehicle passing on a solid line on Highway 14, a suspicious vehicle and person north on Range Road 3123, and also one case where a property owner was awaken by an abandoned crossover later found wedged between the trees along their property.

There were 31 occurrences in total dealt with, eight tickets issued, and four warnings handed out during the week.

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