A popular and tasty event made its grand return to Biggar last week. For the first time since 2019 the Biggar Museum and Gallery hosted their Valentine’s Day pie sale which was well received by the community.  

Public Relations Co-ordinator for the Museum and Gallery, Delta Fay Cruickshank spoke about how the event went. 

“It went over very, very well. It just goes to show that the love of a homemade pie is still alive and well. I mean, it's pie. You can't get much more Saskatchewan than pie.” 
Nearly 4 years without delicious homemade pies certainly must have played a factor in how many were purchased. Cruickshank details how many were sold. 

“We sold 120 pies to businesses here in town. We were a little bit nervous thinking that, oh, we might not be able to meet the demand by the bakers here in town because a lot of the bakers are aging and or they've passed on. But you know what, they came through with spades. After we made the deliveries of the pies for everybody who had ordered one, we didn't have to do any substitutes. We had enough pies for what they had ordered.” 
5 different kinds of pies were available for purchase: apple, berry, lemon, pumpkin and cherry. Apple was the fan favourite. A total of 56 pies were leftover and will be available to enjoy later this year.  

The atmosphere was also great at the museum during their tea and coffee gathering during the day, Cruickshank adds. 

“There was a lot of people here and it was older people, of course, because during the day everybody else is working and they were so happy to finally sit down and have a piece of pie and a cup of tea or coffee with somebody they've not talked to in ages because of COVID. Some tables stayed there for the whole 2 hours. They were just laughing and talking, and it was wonderful.” 

The 56 leftover pies were frozen and will be available soon at planned events and nearly 1000 dollars more than the sale in 2019 was raised.  

Cruickshank further commented on the main goal for this event. 

“It's to continue our mission statement here and it is to preserve, protect and present the history of Biggar and the RM of Biggar.” 

The Biggar Museum and Gallery is already planning for next year's pie sale and future events in the coming months.