Kelly Block is headed back to Ottawa. The 2021 Federal election marked the fifth time that Saskatchewan voters have elected her to represent them in Canadian Parliament.

“I am certainly very grateful to the voters of Carlton Trail – Eagle Creek for once again putting their confidence in me,” Ms. Block said on election night. “Just very grateful for their support.”

Despite her strong win, Ms. Block still questioned the Prime Minster’s calling of the election. With the outcome resulting in a virtually unchanged parliament, Ms. Block call the whole thing a waste of taxpayer’s money, but believes the Conservatives are on the right track to be a party to unite Canadians.

“We saw it throughout the weeks of the campaign. We knew that Justin Trudeau had called the election to try and get a majority and now we see that it’s been a complete waste of time and tax dollars,” Ms. Block added. “I think we’ll have to continue to provide Canadians an alternative that seeks to unite them and not divide them.”

In reflecting on the evening, and its outcome, Ms. Block admitted that an analysis will need to occur in the coming weeks.

“In the coming weeks there will be a review. We’ll asses the campaign, take a look at what could have been done differently, what are the gains we made, and how we build off of that success.”

Ms. Block concluded with a reminder, especially for those likely concerned with the liberal victory, that the Conservatives will continue to fight for the freedom Canadians and be a strong opposition.

“We will continue to be a strong opposition. We have been for the last five years. We will continue to fight for the freedoms of Canadians and their interests.”

Ms. Block was first elected to Parliament in 2008.