When it comes to running the rink in Brock, it's a team effort.

The small community is, and gives off every vibe of a village; despite the fact that they have a fully operational ice plant to run like bigger places. Many people love the artificial ice they have had in for years, and its main tenants recently hosted a steak and shrimp supper to help with raising money to pay the bills associated with having such a nice facility in a remote area.

West Central Online spoke with event organizer and member of the Brock Bandits Corbin St. John, and he detailed just how quickly things came together.

"We had some last minute bills come in for the rink, and weren't going to be able to clear things up, so me and two other people decided to something before seeding. Just a quick little get together, and we actually put this together in three weeks."

Aside from the surf and turf, some items up for auction helped raise money. St. John says their expectations were blown out of the water.

"I was hoping for around 15 silent auction items, and we finished with 52 items total," said St. John, who added the fact that they decided to hire an auctioneer for some of the bigger items, "We did 13 items live auction, and the rest were silent."

A few more extra tables were needed than expected when it came to attendance, as St. Johns quick idea ended up a major hit. The rink needed the money, and people can always use a good time.

The Brock local shared just why they chose to run it under the Bandits name.

"We are kind of the only team out of Brock other than the little kids, but it's basically up to us to run the rink and keep it going, flooding, maintenance, stuff like that. I thought we'd have more help if we put it on as a Bandits function, and we did, it was 15-16 guys and a few of their wives that helped out, rather than 3-4 on the rink board that would have helped."

When talking about the total amount raised, St. John said they were hoping for around $5000, and that they well exceeded that mark. More events will be upcoming such as the annual "Rink Rocker" in the summer, and St. John would like to see something in the works for after harvest as well, and maybe expand their sights a little bit after this occasion was fairly local.

"That was just kind of locals donating. SaskPower will usually donate towards occasions like this, and we just didn't have time to approach them," said the still very impressed St. John.

To end off our conversation St. John gave us a look into the Bandits as a team, and their love for the game.

"We're just a bunch of old community guys that have a rec hockey team out of Brock. There's about 18 or 19 of us and we play in the area, and yeah it's just a bunch of local farmers and oil guys that like playing hockey and having a good time," beamed St. John, "We kind of run the rink, you know, help out where we can with maintenance, flood the ice whenever it needs to be done, and just help clean it up along with the other people in the community that do that as well.

The team is well equipped for the job.

"We've got a plumber on our team. We've got electrician on our team. And then just a bunch of farmers that know how to fix things."

It's pretty impressive for a community of under 200 people to have such a great skating facility, and even more impressive to see the hockey spirit that exists in that same group.