The summer season hasn't kept the Biggar RCMP any less busy. Their July 9 report saw 34 total occurrences handled by local members.

The headline call of the report had to do with a well-known youth in town with too much time on their hands. One of two thefts reported to the detachment during the week saw them looking into the Youth Criminal Justice Act yet again.

"A break enter and theft to a residence was reported, once again by the local 17-year-old," stated the report. "Seems they want to ride out the YCJA with a bang until their 18th birthday."

The other theft came from inside a yard near Biggar, as a black 'Yard Machine" lawn mower was taken. There was no further updates, as anyone with information can contact the Biggar detachment.

The next notable call had to do with some wandering children. Supervision efforts were clearly lacking as a pair of young ones got loose.

"Child and Family Services, along with the help of grandma were notified to look after a two and four-year-old found wandering on their own on 4th Avenue West. The children were okay, but on-going lessons in parenting 101 will be forthcoming."

Complaints during the week included what's becoming a yearly call out of the RM of Perdue. A neighbour caused a dispute after complaining about how a crop-spraying plane was being used. Another complaint coming from the road saw police speaking with a dirt-bike rider on Highway 51 who skipped wearing a helmet.

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A direct dispute, resulting in more than a few late night calls for the detachment, came as tenants of an apartment complex on 8th Avenue were causing a raucous. Liquor wasn't the only contributing factor as a 34-year-old male and 27-year-old female got into a dispute and had to be separated. 

Police aren't quite seeing their reminders on fraud protection working out. Another gift card purchase scam resulted in an individual purchasing $200 worth of gift cards to get help with their Apple account. That will never be the case when dealing with any type of provider, so it's best to just hang-up the phone.

Traffic infractions during the week included ten tickets, and eight warnings being issued. Specific calls saw a hit and run on Main Street, where members located the 73-year-old responsible.

With the summer here, SGT. Dereck Crozier and company want nothing more than for people to "Take Care out there!".