Yesterday, Cando area farmer Michael Fittkau was selected as the Saskatchewan winner of the "Hometown Roots Family Contest".

The announcement awarded Fittkau $5000 courtesy of the company behind the contest in Lallemand Plant Care, as the local recipient is putting the money right back into his community through the Cando Cemetery Fund.

Provincial winners are awarded the opportunity to select a hometown organization such as the Cemetery Fund. Fittkau explained his decision.

“Like in every little town, cemeteries struggle so I was happy to be able to donate to the Cando Cemetery with hopes that they can put it towards upgrading their equipment,” he stated in the company's release. “Thank you Lallemand for the opportunity to give back.”

Fittkau is a Lallemand customer using the local Nutrien Ag Solutions branch at Landis to buy their inoculant. This contest was designed by Lallemand to support rural roots by giving back to community-based organizations, and their story out of Saskatchewan presents a perfect example.

The release also included Lallemand Plant Care Marketing Manager Colin Sebulsky stating, “Lallemand recognizes the important role rural farm families play by giving their time and energy to growing food for others. The Lallemand Hometown Roots Family Contest gave us a way to give back to these local communities through the growers who live, work, and play there.”

This contest ran from November 2021 all the way through to May 2022, as customers across all Prairie provinces have had the opportunity to get involved. Buying specific products from Lallemand was one way to enter, but another interesting way was opened up to creatives who were given the option to write an essay explaining what farming means to them, and how they would leverage the funds to support their community.

“As a family-run organization with rural roots and rural customers, Lallemand Plant Care is pleased to have had the opportunity to give back to the community of Cando through this contest,” Sebulsky added. 

Congratulations to the Saskatchewan winner, as it's also noted that one winner in each of Alberta and Manitoba has also been selected alongside Fittkau.