Kindersley Conservation Officers received a tip about wildlife poaching earlier this month. The call came on October 6th.

When the conservation offers went to investigate, it was found that three moose were shot in a standing canola crop North of Kiyiu (Eagle) Lake. Officers determined that the poacher(s) had driven through and damaged the canola field, shot a calf, cow and bull moose and left the animals to rot in the field.

Kiyiu Lake is approximately 7 miles South of Dodsland and is within the R.M. of Winslow.

Conservation officers are asking the public for any information regarding this incident. Call the TIP line at 1-800-667-7561.

While poaching may seem like a victimless crime, Rich Hildebrand with the Ministry of Environment, says it affects a lot of people. "The Ministry of Environment has rules and regulations in place to help protect and manage wildlife just to ensure there is a sustainability for the future generations to enjoy as well. When people poach, they choose to ignore those rules. They steal opportunities from legitimate hunters and other people that just enjoy watching wildlife. And there is that potential that they can jeopardize future populations as well."

Hildebrand said in this case particular case of poaching, an individual could be charged over $14,000. They can be charged with 3 counts of unlawful hunting ($2,800/animal = $8,400) and 3 counts of wasted game ($1,960/animal = $5,880) which would total $14,280.

Other hunters are also affected by poaching, as Hildebrand explained, "When you have that unlawful harvest, it's not part of the regulated part of determining populations. It can impact the offspring. So when someone takes one, just shoots one, it takes away from the next year's draw. It's pretty selfish behavior."

A number of incidents similar to this are reported each year. The turn in poacher line receives on average 1,000 calls or tips each year.