Perhaps the newest group of its kind in west-central Saskatchewan, the Luseland & District Chamber of Commerce has been building acclaim within the community ever since announcing their intentions earlier this spring. 

The initial idea of starting a Chamber was touted in May 2023 by the Luseland Credit Union. Word spread throughout the community, ahead of a summer golf tournament for interested members, and then another callout looking for members on October 12 has kept the group active.

WestCentralOnline checked in with Chamber chairman Dan Holman to discuss how the organization is looking heading into 2024. Having met less than a handful of times so far, the group is no doubt in the very early stages of their existence.

"Our monthly meetings are always the first Wednesday of the month," shared Holman as the December meeting will be their third one total. "Then there will be an annual meeting sometime in January that we will announce. We are still in the beginning stages," said Holman as websites, social media, and more are all in development.  

Holman believes the Luseland & District Chamber of Commerce came together not out of demand, but a void.

"I can't say there was a number of businesses getting together to talk about having a chamber. I know we had some one-off discussions with other businesses around, talking about group benefits and different ways of working together." said Holman. "It was a void I think needed to be filled. Just that desire for businesses to work together, and prosper together, there was no real venue for that to happen in Luseland before we started the Chamber."

Holman talked about how everything came together.

"I was one of the founding members of the Chamber of Commerce, but if we take a few steps back, initially the idea of a Chamber of Commerce came from the Luseland Credit Union. I am also a board member of that institution." he shared as the Luseland Credit Union has been a very important facet of the community over it's 60 years.

"We thought as a board, of ways we could make the community stronger," he said with an emphasis on the business community. "Businesses attract people, give jobs, pay taxes; so if there is a way we can support local businesses, not just in Luseland but around the district — you need that initial push to get something started. We thought the Credit Union had the resources to do the research, and the initial push to get it going because it takes a fair bit of work to get an idea started."

Business confidence is one of the main things they are hoping to establish with the Chamber. Anyone starting a business in town will have a team of Luseland experts to help them along the way.

"It's kind of like an incubator you can come to for help to get your business started." described Holman, "For first time entrepreneurs, it will give them confidence to make better decisions, maybe take a risk they wouldn't have before. For established businesses, it's a place for a bit of camaraderie." he finished as many business owners are facing similar challenges that can be tackled in a team setting."

387802720_10231746548264312_4149583705302988272_n.jpgPhoto via Luseland Credit Union/ Luseland Loop on Facebook)

Holman is inviting anyone interested in joining the Chamber to contact him at 1-306-228-9430, email, or use the contact information above to contact Ryley.

Like many town groups, the Chamber's meetings are held on the second floor at the Luseland Credit Union.

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