The Town of Biggar held an Easter egg hunt yesterday throughout 3rd Ave Park in the west central community. Over 900 eggs were spread out in the park, with 80-90 kids participating in the hunt.  

The Biggar & District Family Center put on the special event, with prizes also available to those who participated. The Coordinator for the Biggar & District Family Center, Erin Ford, explains how the draws for the special prizes worked.  

“The kids picked which prizes they wanted to win and then they would put their ticket into the bag of whichever one they wanted to win, and then we did the draws at the very end. There were about 10 prizes, which included some really good ones donated from local businesses,” Ford said. 

On the topic of events moving forward, Ford said it should be a busy spring/summer for the Family Center, and expects some events done last year to go on once again this spring and summer. 

“Last year for our Fair Days weekend in June, we did a popcorn fundraiser and that was the movie night they had in the valley that was really successful. It was a really good fundraiser for us, so we're considering doing a popcorn fundraiser again this year at the movie night, because I believe we're going to have another movie night for Fair Days. And last year we also did an event, it was called Bananarama, so we're thinking about doing that again for Fair Days to try to make it an annual thing as long as we get enough interest. Then in May we're going to be having a town wide garage sale weekend and that's on May 13th and 14th so, that's going to be fun as well. Some of our programs that we have in the summer are a preschool program for kids ages three to five in July and August, so we're going to be starting that up again in the summer. And then we're also starting up our kids in the kitchen program, the spring session for that is for five weeks in May. And that's for grade five and six students.” 

Expect a check in with the Biggar & District Family Center in the spring and summer months.