Young crops are under water as every pot hole, tire track, and culvert has overflowed with rain recently.

We didn't have to travel far to find greasy gravel roads, and water lying in the ditches.

flood damageLentils were planted here. This was dry land just 10 days ago.

Just one mile North of Kindersley a durum crop has emerged nicely but will definitely have some flood damage.

flood damage1 Mile East and 1 Mile North of Kindersley.

A little closer to town on the East side of Hwy 21 we found a lovely looking lentil crop, soaking up the rain. In the corner of the field water pooled and the frogs can be heard even in the middle of the day. Water that is here will take a while to disperse, but with more rain in the forecast it makes a guy wonder if more flood damage and disease is on the way for local farmers.