The West Central Online newsroom received a tip that someone from around the area would be filling the Delisle Chiefs assistant coach position.

That news was confirmed shortly after as Brett Schell, originally from the community of Scott near Wilkie, is joining the team for the upcoming 2022-23 PJHL season.

"My career is obviously winding down, getting a little too old now to play," joked Schell, who played senior most recently this past season with the Wilkie Outlaws, "I've been looking to coach for a while now, but it's just difficult to get into it unless you have a kid on the team kind of thing. I was just waiting for the right opportunity, and this one presented itself. It seemed too good to be true, I threw my name in the hat, and it ended up working out."

Read the entire release from the team below, as we caught up with Schell about his new role in hockey earlier today, and will dig deeper into his new role as we approach the Delisle Chiefs regular season.

chiefs coachvia Delisle Chiefs on Facebook