The Delisle Chiefs made a special announcement back on Friday, announcing who will be wearing the "C" this upcoming season in a creative way:

Aside from announcing their captain with some theatric flair, the Chiefs' social media has continued to stay busy announcing transactions being made by the front office:

Their latest move made back on August 25th brought in an older player to help out a Chiefs team that will see a bit of a shift to a younger dynamic this year. The player they traded away in Ryan Lepitzki spent only a short time as a member of the Chiefs organization after being signed by Delisle back in June out of AAA, but the move represents a clear path forward for the Chiefs' management team.

No offense to the young AAA talent recently moved, but head scout in Delisle Wade Harris is excited to give some of his other signings a chance over the next few seasons.

chiefs signingOne signing from the offseason was ‘04 forward Mason Engele, who finished 6th in Sask U18AA scoring with 57 pts (24G, 33A) & 104 PIM’s in 31 GP with the Martensville Marauders last season

"We spent a lot of time in the AA league, and you know our recruiting we were always after the AAA kids. So this past winter I keyed on a lot of the (top scorers) in AA and we got a really good recruiting class. Guys who can put up points, and I think it's going to translate well to this level. You don't just lose that ability, right?" said Harris, evidenced by the signing above.

Often times taking on a product with the higher floor doesn't work out the way each party intended.

"You're getting a third or fourth line AAA kid who you are expecting to come to Junior B, who may not have been a scorer, to be a scorer at the Junior B level. That doesn't happen a lot of times. That's not their game."

Harris talked about the sometimes tough conversation that needs to be had with junior caliber talent, that just can't quite cut it at the SJHL or equivalent level. It's nothing against them, as Harris just believes they can be better suited to their talents with what's offered in Delisle.

"It's a difficult job, because you are talking to kids who think they are still Junior A players, or whatever right? You can't tell them they are not, or don't think they will make it, or even tell them that a first or second line role in Junior B is better than sitting on the bench as a Junior A player."

Harris obviously respects the dreams and goals that young hockey players have, but his role is one to help a player best succeed.

"Whatever ice time you get then absolutely go do it. But if you are looking for a better experience, and maybe being a key player, come to the Junior B level where you can stand out, and have a good chance to play the role you are used to."

Only time will tell how the Chiefs strategy works out, as another one of their off-season splashes was a goaltender who enjoyed an impressive season last year in BC.

September is almost here, and the Delisle Chiefs will be up against the Saskatoon Royals on Sunday, September 18th for their first action of the pre-season. Their regular season begins against the Saskatoon Quakers on the road on September 29 at 7:30 pm.