The Delisle Chiefs have an opportunity for local players born between 2002 & 2005, with their spring camp right around the corner on May 13th and 14th.

We spoke with Delisle's Head Coach and General Manger Eric Ditto about the upcoming camp set to be held in Saskatoon.

"We just want to get a look at some prospects, potential roster players for this year. We try to watch and talk to as many players as we can."

They have had some good interest so far as these camps go a long ways towards building a team, and building a scouting report on future potential players around the league.

"It's important to have the spring camp and get an evaluation of the younger guys we are bringing in, and see what we got. We can assess things like that, and have a better idea of what we want to do in the summer headed into the fall."

The date to officially sign players is June 1st, and keeping a full roster is never a bad idea. Getting players on the ice and getting to know the Chiefs organization is an important part of recruiting according to Ditto, and giving a few weeks between then and signing day is where they eagerly await the results.

With a few key graduating players departing, and the coaching staff seeing a shake-up, next season is already looking like an interesting one for the Chiefs. Read more about their changes behind the bench below, and expect a signing frenzy from the team once we enter June.