Via Sask Lotteries 

Deborah Sinclair’s morning took a wonderful turn when she checked her WESTERN 649 ticket while enjoying a cup of coffee and discovered she won $250,000 on the July 22 EXTRA draw.  

“I saw $250,000 on the screen and thought there was something wrong with my phone,” she laughed while claiming her prize in Saskatoon. “I scanned it again and the same thing came up, I could not believe it.” 

Sinclair said she was so sure the Lotto Spot app was glitching, that she checked the numbers one-by-one.  

“I checked the main draw numbers, and they didn’t match the winning numbers,” said the Delisle local. “So, I took the ticket to the store and got the cashier to scan it. $250,000 win on EXTRA – I didn’t even think to check the EXTRA number separately!” 

A couple of plans are slated for her windfall. “I’m going to buy a new vehicle,” she said. “I’m also going to pay off my mortgage and put a new roof on my house – it needs it!”  

Sinclair purchased her winning ticket on the day of the draw from the Delisle Agricultural Co-op at 401 3rd St.

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