Recently, the Rosetown dental clinic held their free dental day for the citizens and surrounding population of Rosetown. 

The clinic held the free dental day in celebration of its one year anniversary since the business' relocation. They were able to provide over $15000 in free treatment to over 30 patients, proving their thankfulness for the overwhelming support they have received this past year, since the new establishment opened.

Dr. Krista Maedel and Dr. Christopher Bertsch, along with the rest of the dental team, were able to accomplish a large sum of dental procedures across a variety of patients. The staff performed 110 oral X-Rays, 31 fillings, 6 extractions, 30 units of scaling, 16 units of polish, and 3 sealants for the lucky patients who were able to fit into the clinics busy schedule.

The staff was hard at work and were happy to have been able to provide quality, comfortable dental care, and an opportunity such as this for the supportive surrounding community and residents of Rosetown.