UPDATE: The totals from the 'Donuts for Donation' sale are in. The Outlook bakery managed to raise $2567.68, selling 129 dozen donuts in the process. The Outlook Bakery wanted to personally thank everyone who donated to this wonderful cause. 

Original Article:

The Outlook Bakery will be holding its 'Donuts by Donation' sale for STARS Air Ambulance beginning this morning. Tina Wall, Owner of the Outlook Bakery explains. 

“This is our fifth one already, it's crazy in itself, but we make a massive number of donuts and then everybody can come in and they give any size of donation. It has to be the value of the Donuts or more, and then they can pick up a dozen Donuts. 

She talked about what to do when you enter the bakery. 

“We'll have lots of sorted boxes ready so, you come in, give your donation, take a box of donuts or two with you depending on how many you want.”  

Wall then explained how much the bakery raised over the past four years.  

“So far in the last four years we've done this, we've managed to raise over $14,000 altogether.” 

She has been busy getting things ready for the big sale, and said they won’t be selling filled ones, as that takes a little bit longer. 

“Usually, we don't usually do filled as they take quite a bit more time to do and we can't do them up as quickly, so we usually just stick with rings,” Wall said. 

The sale runs from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm today at the Outlook Bakery located on 226 Franklin Street.