Today, Saturday April 22nd is recognized as the Canadian celebration of earth day. On Earth Day, we recognize the importance of our environmental actions across the planet. 

Certain Living ecosystems benefit the human population, meaning that habitat destruction such as deforestation, and filling in wetlands require the Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) to try and work to restore these ecosystems in areas where we work. People of all ages may join the NCC and begin to help in restoring these ecosystems. 

The first volunteer event to help restore parts of the environment in 2023 is taking place in Meeting Lake Saskatchewan. They have hopes to restore a large vegetive area which was extracted, by planting new trees. 

The National Conservancy Canada (NCC) is dedicated to not only protecting nature, but also to provide Canadians with well-maintained nature for them to enjoy and reek the benefits of when they choose to do so. Over 94% of Canadian citizens live within a 100-kilometer distance of an NCC protected zone. 

“NCC’s Conservation Volunteers events bring families, friends and like-minded people together to help care for these special places,” says Kayla Burak, Kayla is the Saskatchewan engagement manager. “Spending time in nature also improves our mental and physical health.” 

Canada currently has an estimated 600 endangered species associated with wildlife habitat, 240 of which are currently protected and stewarded by the NCC.