After not being in action since the past couple of hockey seasons, the Eatonia Sr. Huskies will be back playing this upcoming year in a new league. The team is actually going to be moving down to the White Mud Hockey League, after playing the last several years in the Sask West Hockey League. Matt McKinnon, who is President of the Huskies, talked about the move to the new league. 

“It started with a group of young guys. They brought it to the executive’s attention to maybe try out a different league and some new blood coming in, a few of the previous executives being on board and getting involved and it's just kind of a fresh start. I know there were a few young guys trying to get a team together last year but unfortunately it didn't work out. So, we’re going to try it again this year with a whole new executive, just something new. A few of the guys on the executive played in the White Mud League last year and had good success. They won the league with Cabri so, we thought it would be a good place to start down in the White Mud Hockey League,” McKinnon said. 

The talk of getting a team back together for the upcoming 2022-23 season has created a lot of buzz around the west central community according to McKinnon. 

“With people in the community, even on our Facebook page and just some text messages and phone calls, a lot of people excited wanting to get involved want to help out. Like doing a booth shift, selling 50/50 tickets, joining the executive which have you, so it's really a driving point behind getting a team together is just community getting the rink full again. We went two years without really having much going on down at the rink for senior hockey and kind of the driving point is just getting the rink full again, getting used again. And so, a lot of community involvement, a lot of interest in it, so we're pretty excited. We know there's a lot of work that has to be done, and a few things like that, but it's awesome when you get to see or hear from the community and how excited they are that senior hockey is going to come back,” McKinnon added.  

The Huskies will join the Cabri Bulldogs, Maple Creek Hawks, Frontier Flyers, Gull Lake Greyhounds, and Shaunavon Badgers in the White Mud Hockey League for the 2022-23 hockey season.