Some high caliber baseball is coming to Berard Field in Kindersley, as the Edmonton Prospects will play host the Moose Jaw Miller Express on June 16 and 17. Not only will the ball teams be showcasing their talents on game night; the Prospects will also be running a camp for youngsters on Thursday and Friday afternoon. 

Prospects Skills Camp 22Posters via Kindersley Minor Ball

Manager of the Edmonton Prospects Jordan Blundell explains. 

“We're going to do two-day camps, so we're going to have the kids out there. 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm both days. We're going to take our batting practice before the camp, and then I'll just introduce the kids to some of the techniques and the movement patterns and try and share our passion for the game with them. We are looking forward to that, it's always fun to get going with the kids, they bring in energy that you just can't duplicate. So, we're hopeful that we get to see some smiles, and we'll do a good job, I think we'll have a great time,” Blundell said. 

Expect to hear more from the organization as we inch closer to first pitch.