It looks like skies are opening up for nothing but sunshine and hot weather to start the week. Highs at or above +30 are likely starting Monday, making for a summertime reminder to keep cool whenever possible.

Obviously drinking plenty of water, and finding a pool are good tips, but Environment Canada has some extra ways to keep cool. There are more options than running your air conditioner all day long.

Household management is one way to keep things enjoyable, by opening your windows when it cools at night, and closing your blinds and turning off the lights when the heat returns during the day. This is easy to do if planning to spend time outside, and you can save those air conditioner blasts for when you truly need them. It's also shared that household ceiling fans, turned in a counter-clockwise direction, can work together with an air conditioner on a lower setting to make for the same result while saving more on your energy bill.

Picking and choosing when to use different electrical appliances is another way to keep cool while being smart. When it comes to a washer and dryer, skip the latter half and utilize the hot weather for some hang drying. Another appliance worth plugging in is a certified dehumidifier, taking away from the humid air making for unwanted sticky heat. Another tip, perhaps choose the BBQ over the oven to keep the heat down inside.  

View more information on these tips and tricks through Environment Canada HERE.