Eston Fire Department has been busy in the community helping out wherever they can. They helped move all the groceries for the new store in town. Then they worked the BBQ at the store's Grand Opening. They'll be back in the grocery store parking lot September 20th for Co-op Fuel Day. 

They will provide security for the Eston Summer Kick-off this weekend, and they are on the hook for security again at next weekend's Bull Riding event.

There's currently 19 members on the fire department in Eston. We talked to the fire chief Richard Baran who mentioned that they will be looking for donations soon to replace the old fire truck and pumper. 

Baran says fire trucks will be on display at the Eston Museum for the show & shine.

fire truck eston

He has no concerns over fire bans in the RM or in the town, and mentioned that anyone having a controlled burn should report it to the hotline number. 1-866-404-4911. This helps every fire department as many are dispatched for no reason. This helps the property owner as they would save themselves a big bill if the fire gets out of control.