The Eston Riverside Park online auction started November 1st. They went live on facebook for the finale on Saturday November 12th. They set a fundraising goal of fifty thousand dollars, and ended up exceeding that with a final evening total of $56,899. Park Authority Chairperson Karen Mullis said the official dollar amount from the auction wouldn't be ready quite yet as there was still donations and food profit to be tallied after this publication goes out. 

Mullis says a few auction items stand out, "Probably the best thing that sold was the dining experiences. We had six in total and we raised over ten thousand dollars on those." She also mentioned that home baked treats were good auction items, along with golf packages. The top golf package went for $2600 and it was a 2 night stay at Crow's Nest for 4 golfers.

"We have lots of plans for the park, but we made the decision to relocate our irrigation pumps. Due to low water levels in recent years we need to move a little further East to a more consistent water level, and that project is going to take most of the funds raised."