The Eston Riverside Regional Park golf course is set to open up for the season this weekend. Karen Mullis of the Eston Riverside Regional Park, said the course will officially open on Sunday. 

“It's just going to be kind of a soft opening, but we're looking forward to turning the calendar over into May, because April has put us behind a little bit on some of the work within the full park, not just for the golf course. We really need to thank our maintenance guys for getting out and getting as much done as they could to this point anyway,” Mullis said. 

Beginning in May, the golf course will start the same nights held in previous years. 

“We've got lots of park events, things happening in the park to look forward to. Our Ladies, Men's and Mixed nights will start in early to mid-May so, those will get going in the evenings,” Mullis said. 

And some other special events will be held at the golf course as well throughout the spring and summer months.  

“We've got quite a few club sponsored tournaments booked and then we'll have some corporate events probably getting booked here shortly. Those will probably have a full list on our Facebook page soon, of the golf tournaments and the dates,” Mullis also said. 

As for the Regional Park as a whole, Mullis expects things at the Regional Park to be close to as normal as it was before COVID. 

“We're looking for pretty much normal operations for 2022. Everything from the golf course, pool, concession, camping, all of those areas back to kind of our normal things before COVID, with still keeping that in the back of our minds that it can be there,” Mullis added. 

Back to the news about the golf course, Mullis said they are hoping to start a junior golf program at the course, and also host some minor ball, after doing so successfully last year. 

Eston Jr. GolfingJr. golfers taking lessons last year at the Regional Park.

“We're also working on trying to develop a Junior Golf program, so hopefully we can see something getting going in that this summer as well. Possibly some lessons or something like that. The maintenance guys will be working on the ball diamonds to get them up, and in tiptop shape. We had some minor ball games played there last year which brought a lot of people in. And we've got one game booked already for June, so I'm hoping to see more of that this summer.” 

As for the swimming pool, the Regional Park is expecting to have it open for the season in late June, according to Mullis. 

“We expect the pool to open here in late June, with the full set of swimming lessons starting in July running through to early August. As far as the concession is concerned, we're still working on that, but we hope to have it open in kind of that same timeframe as the pool, late June. We rely on a lot of young employees for that, so it’s hard when school is still on,” Mullis added.  

Tyner Hall will also be open and ready for booking, and it is a great place for a wedding or family reunion, Mullis added. There will also be some pancake breakfast fundraisers throughout this summer, with the first one being held on Canada Day.  

The completion of the maintenance shed last year was a big plus this year, due to the cool spring weather so far. 

“We had a big project last year with our new maintenance shed and that's up and running. The maintenance crews were thankful to have it for the start of this season for some shelter. But we hope everything runs normally and like it should,” Mullis also said. 

As for camping at the Regional Park itself, reservations are going fast, and if you want to book a spot you can call the clubhouse at 306-962-3845, or book online at