After a busy past few months, the Kindersley Museum and Tourism Centre summer team of advisors is officially clocked out:

The group pictured above was the heartbeat of a few different community events this past summer. Most recently they produced a video detailing some of the history of the former McKenzie School, as well as hosting Community Trail Nights, and other events at the museum itself.

As noted above, Emily, Shelby, and Hailey are all moving onto post-secondary school, but one of the team members in Kerry Hammel will be sticking around until at least the fall. Kindersley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kevin Martin works out of the museum building, and noticed first hand how busy the tourism team was all summer long.

"I applaud the efforts. They are always thinking of different things to do," said Martin, recalling one of his favourite times from this summer, "They had this old (fashion show) where people were dressing up in clothing from the 30s, 40s, and 50s."

Once the final summer staff member departs it will be a lot less busy at the museum, but Martin wants people to know that as long as somebody is present the museum is open for seeing eyes. Perhaps they will see more late season traffic after so much promotion into tourism, and strong peak season numbers that were very enticing to see according to Martin.

"You know, they have had just about 3000 people come out there this year. I was quite surprised at that number, I didn't realize it would be that high," shared Martin. "The efforts and stuff they are doing help contribute to that, so they are just trying to keep the museum more relevant and busy."

There is a chance pieces of the team could be back next year, but Martin wants people to know the summer position is typically an open one that anyone with a creative mind could excel at.

"It's a fun thing. You get to meet people visiting from all over."

Aside from meeting new people, Martin said that one great feature of the job is having the local knowledge needed to make the visitors feel right at home.

"As long as you are a people person. You do have to be a little more outgoing than most, but you will have a great time there. I think so anyway."

Attitude is everything, and will be something the Town looks for when planning the roster for next summer's local tourism campaign.

"Those girls that worked there had a great attitude. I think that's what made it successful as it was this year."

The work they did was exemplary, but Martin also had some more props to give out for some of the more unsung heroes. Some behind the scenes work has led to more exhibits around the museum than ever before, as Martin noted an antique tractor collection of 40 classic units.

Hopefully the all-around group effort from everybody carries into next year at the Kindersley and District Plains Museum, as a blast from the past always has the potential to reinvigorate community spirit.