The two day Farmer Appreciation Event held by Mix 104 and Classic Hits Radio, starts today in Rosetown. 

The Rosetown Museum will hold Breakfast from 7am to 9am.  Tomorrow The Farmer Appreciation Event will head to Kindersley for a Luncheon at the Elks Hall with proceeds going toward The Kindersley Roller Derby Association.

Hundreds of dollars of prizes will be available to Farmers at both events, and chances to enter for the grand prize of a Meridian Grain Max, 3000 AirMax Aeration Bin will also be available to qualified producers.

Meridian says the capacity of the bin is 3300 bushels.  The aeration system allows producers to dry down or cure the grain if it went in at a high moisture content, to avoid losing grain during storage.

Non-farmers are welcomed at both events will get the opportunity to win a hotel stay, and enjoy a great breakfast and lunch.