The Town of Outlook held an open house at the Outlook Civic Centre back on April 12, showcasing community partners in the west central town. Outlook CAO Kevin Trew said the turnout was pretty good, as this was the first time they have ever held an open house like this one in the community. 

“We're feeling like with the presenters and the public that attended that we probably had over 100 people there, which is good. Some people might think that's a pretty little thing, but considering it was the first one we did, we're really excited that we had a good turnout. We're still out operating where there's lots of people that are still uncertain about going out into public and with the COVID pandemic, we still have some of that. So, we were really pleased our numbers of attendance surpassed expectations, we're really happy with the numbers.” 

Trew then talked about who was all set up at the open house. 

“What we were doing is from the town of Outlook we engaged partners. It wasn't only business, just some of the community partners that are doing stuff in the community. For instance, we had Community Gardens, we had the Chamber of Commerce, we had Lake Diefenbaker tourism so it was not necessarily businesses, but more of just entities or organizations that are in the community. We ended up having about 23,” Trew added. 

The open house is the first in a semiannual series for the Town, as they plan to have one in the fall according to Trew. 

“Our plans are for this to be a semiannual event. We've had this one in the spring and we're planning for our second one to be in the fall. We may have a little bit of a different look to it where our springtime one may be more about what kind of events are coming up for the summer and spring and what are different. Where in the fall we're thinking of more of a reporting on how things went over the year and then possibly having sort of user groups that are looking for planning for the fall and winter activities where we might actually do like a sign-up day. So, say, minor sports or curling club or anything that could actually have a registration night, so we're hoping to hold that kind of in the fall, in conjunction with a registration night,” Trew said.  

As for how things are looking for summer jobs within the Town of Outlook, Trew said they are always looking for help. 

“With the Town of Outlook, we're always hiring summer staff and we're still looking for some summer staff. We still have some openings that are advertising for postings is just going to be expiring fairly soon, but we're still looking for more applicants. We have more jobs than we have applicants at this.” 

Sticking with the Town of Outlook, they recently held a Kids recreation 3 on 3 tournament which was a great success for the first year holding it, according to Outlook Recreation Director Megan Athony. The team "Cheapskates" won the tournament and therefore every player has won a free skate pass for the 2022-2023 skating season. The recreation department hopes to make it an annual event, opening it up to surrounding communities as well.