The heat will be on for the first full week of May after a not so seasonal April which lacked moisture and cooler than normal temperatures. The West Central region will see the mercury rise as the week progresses with Wednesday and Thursday hitting daytime highs well above the normal for this time of year according to Terri Lang, Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

“We have a big upper ridge of high pressure building in and what that does is it brings the Jetstream well to the north of the region and of course the Jetstream is a delineator between the cold air to the north and the warmer air to the South. We are expecting temperatures in the mid 20s by middle of the week, probably by Thursday is when we'll see the warmest of the temperatures. They will peak around 28 degrees or so, and records for this time of year are close to the 30-degree mark or above, so I'd be surprised if we broke any.” 

After the heat peaks in the middle of the week, temperatures will begin to slightly drop and the weekend will see a system move in bringing with it some moisture, though it won't be much.

"“We have a couple weather systems moving through, which looks more like showers, thunder showers type of activity as opposed to steady rain or anything like that. It’ll be kind of a hit and miss thing.” 

Conditions in the West Central area are favourable for grass fires due to the lack of moisture and this week's forecast will only add to that until the systems projected for the weekend move in.