Originally published on September 9th, 2022 

The FoodMesh program in Kindersley continues to feed those in need of food.

West Central Online caught up with Barbe Dunn to talk about the program, and we started off discussing about just how much food was taken that would normally be thrown out. 

“We just got our totals in at the end of August. So, in the year to date, at this point, we have received 100,888 pounds of food that we received from the back of Buy-Low that would have normally gone into the garbage. That includes produce, grocery, bakery, meat, deli and dairy. So that's obviously huge,” Dunn said. 

She then explained how the pickup works at Buy-Low Foods in Kindersley. 

“On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons we take the van that was purchased for FoodMesh and go to the back of the Buy-Low store at the loading dock. And there they have stuff ready for us to take. It's always in good shape, stuff that's often pulled way before, best before dates. Then it's taken back to the church, and sorted and cleaned and ready to give to the people that come in the evening, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm. And then on Friday we have a team that picks it up and it just goes directly over to Dawnview and then from there it's shared with Evergreens,” Dunn added. 

The program is as busy as ever, as not just people in Kindersley in need of food show up for food deliveries, but people all over the West Central region. 

“We've had a number of people from out of town within half an hour, three quarters of an hour, and they're coming in and we're talking about young families that really don't have anything. So, we are always looking for people in those communities that could be a possible way of getting food to them so they don't have to waste gas to come in.” 

With the busy numbers for the FoodMesh program, Dunn also talked about the need for volunteers, whether it is helping out with the pickup at Buy-Low Foods, or handing out groceries in the evenings. 

“We would really encourage that, if there's couples that are retired, we need both of you. It's great to have the guys there and that makes the young gentleman who come in, much more comfortable if there's a guy there. But we'll take you in the afternoons or the evenings, please give us a call and we'll be loving to serve with you.” 

The number to call to volunteer, or if you, or know someone who is in need of some food, is 306-460-9304, and Barbe would happy to help.