The Kindersley Curling Club kicked off their season with a special bon/funspiel.

The one-day event was part of a busy weekend overall at the rink with the U15 hockey tournament going on. Many people made a point to go over and check out the action in the curling rink, as being held the day before Grey Cup 110, curlers were asked to wear their favourite football jersey for the day that included a tailgate and more. 

The group below was dressed appropriately, as the individual on the far right wasn't the only Blue Bombers jersey on at the rink prior to Sunday's big game.

The winners of Pool B in their Grey Cup weekend attire (Photo via Kindersley Curling Club on Facebook)The winners of Pool B in their Grey Cup weekend attire (Left to right: Angela Fournier, Anna Polsfut, Kalyn Edmunds, and Katie Critchlow/Photo via Kindersley Curling Club on Facebook)

Jesse St. John, Shawna Warciniw Weir, Ashley Ritchie, and Tyler Ritchie made up the Pool A winners. The runners up in Pool B were Travis Wagner, Garett Armitage, Calvin Pollard, and Aaron DeCorby. Find their team photos in the gallery below. 

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