The first real frost of the year this week was a reminder that autumn is here. Officially arriving today, autumn is going to bring with it mostly seasonal temperatures which will remain in place across the region. The exception is the chance for some warmer than normal days heading into the weekend and next week.  

If you were hoping for a few final hot days, the chances aren’t great explains Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Natalie Hasell. 

“The very hot temperatures are not likely. Again, there are a couple of models that are pointing towards temperatures upwards of 25 degrees Celsius, but they're the outliers. Those values are less likely to occur, and we should expect more just around seasonal, which would be closer to 20.” 

As for precipitation, rain was recorded throughout the area on Monday, but little is expected as September comes to an end. Looking ahead into what autumn may have in store for the West Central part of the province, Hasell says we could experience reasonable weather. 

“We have a 3-month forecast that is issued at the end of every month. The latest one I have is from the 31st of August. So, it's not too stale yet and it's for September, October, November and it is pointing for the Kindersley area and there is a signature for above normal temperatures but remember this is a trend over a 3-month period.” 

The fall equinox arrives today at 7:04 P.M. CST in the Northern Hemisphere. The equinox occurs at the same moment worldwide.