UPDATE: Friday, Nov, 10 2023, 12:00 PM

The fog advisory was lifted shortly after 11:00 AM this morning.

Exercise caution on the roads this long weekend. Follow along with the Highway Hotline here.

ORIGINAL: Friday, Nov 10, 2023, 8:00 AM

Anyone planning to hit the road for the long weekend Friday morning might want to wait out the fog.

An official fog advisory was put on by Environment Canada Friday morning at 7:54.

"If travelling, be prepared for areas of near-zero visibility. If visibility is reduced while driving, slow down, watch for tail lights ahead and be prepared to stop."

Fog patches are expected to dissipate later on, though for now areas of dense fog, with near-zero visibility, are occurring around west-central Saskatchewan roadways.

Screenshot 2023-11-10 081855.jpg West-central is home to a very foggy stretch this morning

Continued day and nighttime temperatures hovering around 0 degrees could continue the trend of fog into the weekend. The weather service states that fog advisories are issued when near zero visibilities in fog are expected or occurring.

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